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Smith & Dragoman: Home

..."haunting melodies", "amazing harmonies", "poignant themes", "touching lyrics" and "soul-stirring music"...  FB_for_website.jpg    twitter_for_FB.jpg    Reverbnation_for_website.jpg  




The music of Smith & Dragoman takes the listener on a sonic journey through stories of heroes and heroines in the Bahá’í Faith who chose to lead a life in accordance with their beliefs, but for which they were greatly persecuted.  Beginning in early 19th century Persia and spanning over 100 years, the music touches on themes of love, courage, sacrifice, hope, loss, search, faith and the indomitable power of the human spirit.

With three CD’s and one Live in Concert DVD, listeners can enjoy an array of musical styles that can best be described as a fusion of many different genres and traditions.  From larger cinematic compositions in songs like Divine Tapestry and The Purest Branch to more intimate three-part folk harmonies in songs like Prisoners and Land & Sea, we hope our music will strike a chord with all.   

Open the Gates (2004)        

Under the Lote-Tree (2007)        

The Mystery (2012)

Live in Concert DVD (2010)

 Welcome to our website!  

Take a look around, enjoy the music, sign our guestbook, and please connect with us on our other social media platforms (like us on Facebook!). We love hearing form you from all corners of the world - it's a great source of inspiration and support. 


Brett Smith and Michael Dragoman