From the recording The Purest Branch


The Purest Branch

Darkness fell, the night was still
He paced in prayer, with unswerving will
So enraptured heart pure and strong
His soul transcends to a world beyond

The Purest Branch fell to the ground
His body lay scarcely a sound
The Holy Leaves caressed the bough
And wiped the tears from his bloodstained brow

And he was asked: what is your wish to stay and serve or pass through the veil?
His faint reply: accept my life for those who seek their heart’s desire

The Blessed Beauty came through the door
To see His son, his body torn
He turned to go, He knew the end
Echoing words Mihdi has gone


And his gentle soul winged his flight as a ransom for us all
With the angels rushing to his side, drawn to the light, his gift of sacrifice
For all the souls yearning for the sight, just a glimpse of their Beloved one

A mother’s heart, unconsoled until the words her Beloved told
And so it was and always will, sorrow is the lot of His chosen few