From the recording More than a Man


Tears flowed like rain that night the night they took His life
And people gathered round to see had He really died
The stars fell and the angels wept the earth opened up her side
With 750 guns and on His face a smile, a smile

And how they tried to conquer what they could not understand
And how their hearts were blinded for He was more than a man
He was more than a man

The shots were fired and when the smoke cleared none could believe their eyes
For standing there unscathed and unhurt was the Báb’s companion alive
The Báb himself had vanished and gone a frenzied search began
And still there were few to accept or believe He was more than a man a man


Shine on Your light into the darkest night
Make all these souls take flight with Your love

The second time that the shots were fired darkness obscured the sun
Their bodies shattered they fell to the ground and were blended into one
Ten thousand witnesses all gathered to see Him die
And lingering there on His beautiful face the warm embrace of His smile, his smile