1. First Light


First Light
My beloved returned early that day,
It was unusual to see him that hour
In soft voice he bade me, early to dine,
In his tone, an urgency calling

Early to bed, asleep by his side, unaware of what was to come
With a stirring, an emptiness, the still of the night, I awoke, His absence alarmed me

Searching I looked, no where to be found, from the garden I noticed a glow

In the windows above a radiant light, a light I had not seen before,
With every step a growing concern, but who could be calling this hour

Pre chorus 2/3
If expecting a guest, I’m sure He would say,
And yet a presence, I felt it so strong
Who could it be, this time of the night?
And finally, I gazed on His face

I stood there, paralyzed, frozen in time,
His blessed face (My beloved) enveloped in light
With a gesture of His gentle hand,
He motioned me back,
I was at once freed from this spell

When the morning light came, still trembling inside,
(my) head bowed, my heart was transformed
He offered His tea, with His own sweet hand
I would drink from this (His) Fountain of Life

His Glorious hand, I drank from this cup, knowing with certainty, my eyes so clear
“The memory and praise of him shall remain, till the end of time…”

Inspired by: Khadijah Bagum The Wife of the Bab by H.M. Balyuzi P10-14

“The memory and praise of him shall remain, till the end of time,” in the pages of books and on the tongues and lips of men.(Abdu'l-Baha, Memorials of the Faithful, p. 47)